II Kit

Instrumental Insemination Equipment

On the right Schley set 1.01 and 1.02 both sets function the same
as each other except the 1.02 is slightly heavier than the other and is mounted.
You can buy them as shown or buy a more complete set up including Microscopes and Co2 systems. That we will cover later in this section, The 1.01 & 1.02 come with a hooks and forceps a syringe tips and Queen holder all parts included are more than adequate to carry out the insemination process but can be upgraded to suit personal preferences and aid with what breeding program you are running ie:If you are inseminating a lot of queens in one session a HARBO large capacity syringe

There are a few other makers of II set these vary in cost quality and ease of use.
I strongly recommend the Schley equipment as they cover all the important factors. As setting up a II system can be expensive you want to get it right the first time so you can produce the results needed!

On the right is Schley`s complete set up with Stereo Microscope Mini CO2 and cold light. This set-up works well if your starting from scratch. It has it good points and one or two not so good points. But as a out of the box set-up it works for many.

HARBO High capacity syringe available from Sue Cobey in the USA. Excellent if you wish to store semen to use at a later date. Semen can be stored at room temperature for around 10 days and then used to inseminate Queens.Also delivers a very accurate measurement of semen. Very Pricey but worth the money.

( As used on our II Courses)

This is another version of the HARBO style syringe considerably cheaper than the Cobey HARBO Syringe but not as accurate with the delivery of semen

Swienty .com also do a high-quality device available from their website operates using a joystick system but costs a round £2,500

Ventral forceps for holding the sting. Used by many but I feel they seem a bit brutal and if you slip you can tear the sting from the Queen come as standard with Schley equipment

0.2ul Bacteria filters for filtering saline solution