New Instrumental Insemination Lab Ready

New Instrumental Insemination Lab Ready

After many month`s our new lab is finally ready.

Around 6 years ago we started looking at Instrumental Insemination to produce breeder Queens and develop Queens with the traits we wanted and also cope with the ever changing climate. That’s when it started getting tricky there is very little information out there and what there is in conflicting just like beekeepingJ Training courses are virtually non-existent in the whole of Europe and those that do exist may only occur sporadically years apart.

Instrumental Insemination its self is not hard once you break all the steps down the hard part is finding out what those steps are and the correct way to do them and then what you do need to do is practice practice parcatice until you get your technique perfected. (It`s not rocket science)  If you can produce queens you can do II.

Instrumental Insemination is a very valuable tool to the serious Queen producer and can be used as a stop gap in years when it’s near impossible to get naturally mated Queens in areas due to poor weather conditions but should never be seen as a replacement to natural mating.

The beauty of Instrumental Insemination in a time poor business you can collect semen and then store it Non-refrigerated for a few weeks and then use it to Inseminate the Queens so it allows flexibility in your time management.  The individual set up is not cheap but it will last a lifetime.

Over the past 2 years people have asked if we could run courses to teach Instrumental Insemination and we set up and ran several in 2015 all seemed to go well and with the feedback received we decided to expand and take things a step further setting up what we believe to be the first dedicated Instrumental Insemination teaching Lab in the UK and may be Europe. The 2016 Courses now attracting overseas beekeepers from place such as Iceland, New Zealand, India & Sweden. We have also set up and Instrumental Information website  that we are still working on and has a long way to go.To book II courses

Anyone interested in the equipment

Microscopes pictured are available from Brunel Microscopes Harbo Syringe From Sue Cobey and The Instrumental Insemination  Instruments from Schley in Germany.