Microscopes For Instrumental Insemination

Microscopes For Instrumental Insemination

You will need a good stereo microscope. As The II kit is a little bulky and you need room to work a long arm stand is needed to mount the actual microscope on. The better the microscope the easier you may find it

Brunel Microscopes offer a good range at a fair price for the quality. If you are the only one to use it i.e.: not a lab full of students The Brunel BM1 long arm stereo microscope is a very good buy at around £210 and it has a built in light source that you will need Brunel Microscopes we have these as spare in case of problems

BM1 Microscope

The BM1 is easy to use and easy to set up and is more than adequate to carry out II


A little more expensive is the IMZX boom arm microscope but works very well improved magnification and focus.

There are many microscopes that work well for II as long as it has x10 x20 x30 magnification and you can work underneath.
it will be OK. also the better lighting you have the better the results you will get from your microscope.